How to use shot peening equipment

First, the need for precise positioning applications
The irregular or complex structure requires accurate positioning of throwing projectile shot peening flow, thereby the impact angle required for achieving the shotblasting coverage, which usually use throwing shot peening equipment, the projectile in the nozzle and the nozzle can be accelerated, positioning according to the direction of.
A lot of work pieces can not clear the surrounding debris, shot blasting equipment can be effectively removed.
Two, only the selected area of shot peening coverage:
Some work only need to throw the shot peening in a specific region, using shot blasting, strengthening equipment, the nozzle only directed to these areas, other areas without processing of workpieces, in production, only the crankpin contact surface to throw the shot peening, and other surface without further treatment. Local spray may sometimes occur, if you can not contact with the spray, you may need to make a certain local shielding.
Three, it is difficult to contact the geometric structure:
Shot peening workpiece contains deep hole, groove, cutting and the shot peening equipment or can not use the traditional nozzle to achieve complete coverage, throwing the shot peening equipment can be equipped with long stalks guiding nozzle, make the projectile can be directed to these areas difficult to reach. Now you know why the use of shot peening equipment! Because the shot peening equipment can be directed to the workpiece cleaning, to solve a lot of precision parts can not be directed to clean up the problem, so loved by everyone.

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