Technical difference analysis of shot blasting machine at home and abroad

When it comes to the domestic shot blasting machine, we can not help mentioning the development of foreign shot blasting machine technology. Compared with the foreign blast cleaning machine, there are some differences in the service life, processing level, product reliability and control level of the domestic blast cleaning machine.
The main contents are as follows:
(1) materials and processing equipment: shot blasting machine blasting and blasting chamber for wear parts, the service life of wearing parts and other countries there is a certain distance, the manufacturing level need to be further improved.
(2) the design level: the ability of independent development of our country now blasting machine design personnel is still not enough, most enterprises are still in the imitation stage, at the same time, the test conditions and design conditions are not suitable and ideal.
(3) control level: there is still a gap between our country's intelligent control, automatic level and automatic monitoring technology compared with the advanced level of other countries.
After decades of development, the current domestic blasting machine has been improving, and constantly improve the performance, application range from the foundry industry to expand the road surface cleaning cleaning, mechanical processing, weapons manufacturing, metallurgical mines, vehicles and ships and other different industries.

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