Application of sand blasting machine

(1) the workpiece coating and the workpiece bonding pretreatment can remove all the dirt, such as the rust skin of the workpiece surface, and establish a very important foundation schema (usually called wool surface) on the surface of the workpiece, and can achieve different degrees of roughness by changing different grained abrasives, and greatly improve the workpiece and coating. The bonding force of the plating material. Or make adhesive bonding more solid, better quality.

(two) the cleaning and polishing of the surface of the casting and forging after heat treatment, and the sand blasting can clear all the dirt (such as the residue of oxidation skin and oil) on the surface of the workpiece after heat treatment, and polish the workpiece surface to improve the smoothness of the workpiece, so that the workpiece can reveal the uniform and uniform metal color and make the workpiece appearance more beautiful. To beautify the decoration.

(three) the burr cleaning and surface embellished sand blasting can clean up the tiny burrs on the surface of the workpiece, and make the surface of the workpiece more flat, eliminate the harm of the burr and improve the grade of the workpiece. And sandblasting can play a very small fillet on the surface of the workpiece, making the workpiece more beautiful and more precise.

(four) to improve the mechanical properties of the parts, the mechanical parts of the parts can be sanding, and a uniform and subtle concave and convex surface (Foundation schema) can be produced on the surface of the parts, so that the lubricating oil is stored, thus the lubrication conditions are improved, and the noise and the service life of the machine can be reduced. [1]

(five) light decoration can achieve different reflectors or matte for some special purpose workpieces. Such as stainless steel workpiece, wood furniture surface sub actinic, frosted glass surface patterns, and fabric surface texturing.

Equipment Shortcut