What is the price of the hook type shot blasting machine?

Hook type shot blasting machine is usually divided into three types: single hook shot blasting machine, double hook shot blasting machine and hook through type shot blasting machine. Therefore, the price varies according to the type, and the following Qingdao DISA will introduce you to the price of these three types of hook-type shot blasting machines one by one.

Single hook shot blasting machine price

The single hook shot blasting machine mainly uses an electric hoist to carry out the workpiece. The conventional model is Q376/Q378 single hook, which has low efficiency in handling workpieces and meets the needs of small production scale. Therefore, the price is relatively economical and the price is $8000~$15000 .

Double hook shot blasting machine price

Double hook shot blasting machine, as the name implies is adopt two electric hoists for workpiece hanging. That is the shot blasting machine can work alternately, and the workpiece is cleaned by one-in-one working mode. This shot blasting machine is suitable for manufacturers with moderate production scale, and its price is more expensive than single hook shot blasting machine, and the price is between $10,000 and $20,000.


Hook type shot blasting machine non-standard custom price

The hook-type shot blasting machine adopts multiple moving hoists to continuously transport the workpiece, and is a shot blasting machine that continuously cleans the workpiece continuously. Its production efficiency is extremely high and can meet the production needs of large-scale manufacturers. This type of shot blasting machine usually needs to be customized according to the customer's workpiece and cleaning amount, and the price needs to be separately calculated.

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