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What are the key controlling points of using Disa sand blasting room?

Date:2017-08-31 Visits:136

The process of Disa sand blasting room for processing workpieces: 1.Preliminary control Carefully check the surface of workpiece before blasting, remove welding slag, splashes and other attachments, as well as clean surface grease and soluble contaminants. Blasting should be performed +Read More

What are the advantages of rotary table shot blasting machine?

Date:2017-08-31 Visits:103

Firstly, rotary table shot blasting machine mainly comprises chamber body, rotary table, driving system, separator, elevator, shot ball feeding device, blast wheel, etc. A set of blast wheel which rotates at a high speed is arranged on the top of chamber. Blasting is carried out to workpieces at +Read More

What are the effects on cleaning workpieces by the blasting capacity of a shot blasting machine?

Date:2017-08-31 Visits:89

The blasting capacity of the rotary table shot blasting machine is a very important factor for the job cleaning effect. If the blasting capacity is too high, it not only affects the cleaning efficiency of the shot blasting machine, but also will affect the properties of castings, giving rise to high +Read More

Why choose Disa shot blasting machine?

Date:2017-07-15 Visits:81

1.Disa in china, our combination of expertise, skill and knowledge allows us to provide our customers with consistently high quality products featuring long operational life and increased production rates.  2.The Disa range of shot blasting machines are manufactured in-house at our man +Read More

How does Wet Sand Blasting Machine work?

Date:2017-07-11 Visits:92

The wet sand blasting machine adopts the abrasive fluid as power and transports the well mixed abrasive fluid (abrasives and water) into the nozzle. The compressed air is used as accelerating dynamic to enter into the nozzle through the gas piping. The compressed air speeds up the flow of the +Read More

How does sand blasting machine work?

Date:2017-06-28 Visits:81

Sand blasting machine working principal: a fast spraying beam is formed by adopting compressed air as power to spray the abrasives (such as copper ore sand, quartz sand, iron sand, marine sand, silicon carbide sand, etc.) onto the workpiece surfaces that are needed to process, then the appear +Read More

What is the difference between a filter cartridge dust collector and a filter bag dust collector in shot blasting machine?

Date:2017-06-26 Visits:101

The difference between filter cartridge dust collector and a filter bag dust collector in shot blasting machine: The advantage of filter bag of shot blasting machine: 1.The service life of the filter bag is comparatively long and is not susceptible to being leakage of powder; +Read More

How to maintain the crawler shot blasting machine

Date:2016-11-16 Visits:92

According to the following method of maintenance of crawler shot blasting machine can prolong the service life of shot blasting machine 1, Each class should be tracked Shotblast cleaning again. 2, Should always check the cleaning room in the shield and blasting directional set, i +Read More

What is compressed air blasting?

Date:2016-11-07 Visits:96

Blast cleaning of surfaces using various abrasives, with the abrasive being accelerated by means of compressed air when flowing through a nozzle. Abrasives may be either conveyed out of pressure containers or drawn out of unpressurized containers. Today, the process is applied for sur +Read More

What type of abrasive media does roller type shot blasting machine use?

Date:2016-11-06 Visits:78

The roller type shot blasting machine is designed to use round steel shot. The shot is recycled inside the system and gets smaller and smaller during the blasting process, until it is completely consumed. Approximately two tons are required for start-up, and approximately 20 pounds are consumed per +Read More

Are there any special operator skills required for the Disa Shot Blasting Machine?

Date:2016-11-06 Visits:87

No, once the shot blasting machine is installed and adjusted by our technician, running the machine consists of merely switching it on and setting the speed dial for the desired surface finish. Maintenance is simple too. +Read More

What does Disa Shot Blasting Machine cost to operate?

Date:2016-10-25 Visits:93

The highly efficient shot blast wheel requires much less power than competitor's shot blasting machines. Four highly efficient direct drive DISA High Performance shot blast wheels achieve the highest surface finish quality while requiring less power, further reducing cleaning costs. Including abr +Read More

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