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As the leading manufacturer of surface preparation solutions,Disa  has recently designed, developed, manufactured & successfully installed airless shot blasting roller conveyor machines for different usages like sand stones, marble panels, granite and cement concrete.
The sand stones, marble panels, granite, cement paving blocks are placed on the roller conveyor for automatic blasting. The sand stones, marble panels, granite, cement paving blocks pass through inward tunnel and enter into the blasting chamber for surface preparation. The blast wheels are stationed strategically around the cabinet propels shots on the job. The job moves forward and exit into outlet tunnel after duly blasted & air washed with air blower fans. The quantity of wheels will depend on the job size & its production rate.
Concrete Block Shot Blasting Machine
Disa concrete block shot blast machines perform efficient and high quality blasting of concrete products like blocks, slabs and kerbstones.
DISA has created a new range of turbine shot blasting machines for the superficial treatment
Pieces are transported on a horizontal, netting conveyor belt; the blasting effect is obtained through the centrifugal projection (without compressed air) of spherical steel shot.
It is possible to vary the speed of transportation or of shot projection, according to the effect desired or to the hardness of the surfaces to be treated.

We offer a complete range of QDS type shot blasting machines, with belt-widths of 600, 800, 1000, 1200 and 2000 mm, and we can already boast a considerable list of references both in China and abroad.
The concrete block blast machine can be integrated into a production line due to its modern control system with the relevant interfaces, different belt lengths and well coordinated transfer stations (e.g. sheets or rollers). The machines can be operated easily using a Siemens Touchpanel.
Disa concrete block shot blast machines can be sized to treat workpiece widths from 600 to 1500 mm. Both indexing and continuous operations are possible. The belt runs smoothly, at speeds from 2.5m/min to 14m/min.
Our advantages:
The adjustable blast wheels provide a very uniform surface result, even at high speeds.
This is assured by smooth/stepless speed control, electro-pneumatic dosage regulation and optimal blast wheel positioning.
Furthermore, the use of hardened tool steel for the blast wheel wear parts assures a long service life.
Whilst lowering your cost per part, high values can be added to your concrete products due to the consistent, uniform quality finish achieved at high process speed.

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