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We offer special purpose shot blasting machine for LPG cylinders and cartridge bodies .The cylinders are fed from input side, on conveyor which give its rotation a double movement of roto-translation to cylinder (cylinder while moving forward also rotates). A powerful and the latest low maintenance blast wheel is mounted on the top of work cabinet .
The conveyor speed is adjustable to meet output requirement. The machine also has an efficient abrasive recovery, separation and control system which continuously clean the abrasive of dust, debris, oversize and undersize particles. An abrasive control valve is provided which meters the quantity of abrasive going into blast wheel unit. With very good finishing degree given by the special position and power of the wheel and by innovative handling system. It can cleans 6  cylinder/minute. The various capacities of machine to suit different sizes of LPG Cylinders can be manufactured. The length of shot-blasting room is 

3000mm, and its structural style is as follows:
The body case of shot-blasting room is a kind of welding structure by steel plate and steel sections. There are 2 impeller heads assemble at the top of the shot-blasting room whose arrangement is the result of computer dynamic simulation that all arrangement angle  and  position  are designed  by computer.  Each  group  of  impeller  heads keeps  a certain  angle  with  the  movement  direction  of  work  piece  which  can  guarantee  to comprehensively clean up the work piece and avoid blasting projectile uselessly as far as possible. Thus enhances the utilization ratio of projectile to the maximum limit and reduces guard plate attrition of shot-blasting room. The room body shell is firm and durable with good rigidity. The  room  body  interior  guard  plate  uses Mn13 with good barrier.

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