Product Description

Disa spinner hanger type shot blasting machine is suitable for blasting and strengthening the surfaces of the work pieces in batch. The machine is applicable for strengthening the surfaces of gears, gear shafts, crankshafts, engine connecting rods, diaphragm springs, bullet inner shells and removing the scales on the surfaces, in order to make the work piece surface achieve silver gray, eliminate the stress and enhance the adhesion of the surface coating. Meanwhile, the machine can increase the pre-stress on the surface, improve fatigue strength and realize the purposes of strengthening and cleaning. The rotary disc shot blasting machine is high in automation and can be integrated with the whole production line. The work pieces can be loaded and unloaded through the mechanical arms without human operation. Foundation is not required for the machine and the box body mainly comprises a rotary type blasting chamber.
The structure and characteristic of spinner hanger shot blasting machine:
The spinner hanger type shot blasting machine mainly comprises 2 blast wheel, a cleaning chamber, a lifting hook revolution (two-station transformation) and auto rotation device (two-station auto rotation), an abrasive recycling system (including a screw conveyor, an elevator, a separator and a flow adjusting device), a dust collector system, an electrical system and the like.
Two work stations are arranged in the cleaning chamber at a angle of 180 degree. Two lifting hook frocks are arranged on the assembly. The work pieces are suspended on the lifting hooks and rotated to the working area through the rotating chamber. A front stop

working station and a rear stop working station are arranged in the blasting area. The lifting hooks automatically rotates at the two working stations. The abrasives that are blasted from the blast wheels form a fan-shaped beam and evenly are attacked on the work piece, so that each part can be cleaned or strengthened effectively. During blasting, the other working station is used for loading and unloading the work pieces. The abrasives and other things on the work piece surface are conveyed to the elevator through the screw conveyor and elevated to the separator for separation. The tiny dust is absorbed to the dust collector through the dust collector pipes by the fan. The clean air is discharged to the atmosphere and the dust and the crushed abrasives are flown into a waste collecting tank. The separated and cleaned abrasives are reallocated to the two blasters through the flow adjusting device and the abrasives can be recycled.
Spinner hanger type blasting chamber of the blast wheel adopts high wear-resistant lining plates. The unique sealing design can ensure that abrasives can not leak. Two safety switches are installed on the edges of the feeding port and the discharging port, so that the machine can be completely powered off in the case that the workpiece is stuck. The door at the rear of the machine facilitate maintenance and operating of box body and wind wheels.
The spinner hanger type shot blasting machine is the first choice for cleaning the non-ferrous metal thin-walled workpiece surface and has the advantages of being continuous in blasting, high in efficiency and good in sealing. 

Technical Parameters

Machine type




Size of workpiece (mm)




Quantity of impeller head




Shot blast capacity  kg/min




Power of balst wheel  KW




Maximum load  kg




Productivity   Hook/h




Size of blasting chamber   mm




Total air flow   m3/h




Total power(not include the dust collector)   KW




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