Product Description

Disa shot blasting and painting preservating line refers to a machining process that the surfaces of steel are blasted and derusted before machining and are painted a layer of protective primer. The preprocessed steel can improve corrosion-resistance of the mechanical products and metal components, improve anti-fatigue performance of the steel and prolong the service life; meanwhile the preprocessed steel can optimize the surface process fabrication state of the steel, is favorable for discharging and precision blanking of the digital controlled cutter. 
In addition, because the shape of steel is relatively regular and it is favorable for mechanical derusting and automation painting, adopting steel preprocessing can greatly improve the efficiency of blasting, reducing labour intensity of blasting and environmental pollutions. 

Disa shot blasting and painting preservating line is mainly composed of the transverse feeding and discharging, a feeding and discharging roller bed, preheating, blasting, spraying paint, drying, automatic monitoring system, an efficient dust remover, an electronic controller and the like. The whole production line is programmatically controlled by PLC and adopts a shift register and photoelectric detection to automatically measure thickness and width of steel plates, automatically adjust blasting width and the lifting height of the sweeping device.

Technical Parameters

Machine type








Max. Working width for plates (mm)








Max. Working width for profiles (mm)








Passing height (mm)








Passing speed ( m/min)








Total consumption of electrical power (kW)








Consumption of heat energy (kW)








Exhausten air quantity (m3/h)








Product Details

Plate transfer arrangement on loading side is an optional to keep plate & waiting for processing to load on loading roller conveyor
Loading roller conveyor to convey the plate towards the pre-heat chamber. The plate is kept on the top side of the roller conveyor
Pre-heat treatment chamber to electric operated convection heating oven with both open ends to facilitate entry & exist of plate suitable for continuous operation
On the blast chamber, numbers of blast wheel stations are located strategically around the cabinet, which bombards shots on the passing plate at preselected travel speed for homogeneously blasting on all side
In the exit vestibule, the shots lying on the top surface of plate are wiped out to the hopper by a V-type wiper arrangement
The next chamber is equipped with double rotary type brush off arrangement to brush off shots from the wide top surface of a plate to the hopper for further recycled in the system
In blow off chamber, the two blowers are constantly blow-off shots accumulated on the top of blasted plate & one blower is provided to blow off dust by from duly shot blasted plate surface & finally the blow off dust is sucked by the suction nozzles connected to the inlet of dust collector
The shots recycling system consists of a long hopper with a long screw conveyor, which transfers shots to cross screw conveyor installed in a pit. The cross screw conveyor directs the shots flow to the boot section of elevator, which elevates shots from lower recycling system to upper recycling system consists of upper screw conveyor, rotary screen & shots storage hopper mounted on operator's platform. The shots are delivered to blast wheels through soundabrator valves
The Reverse air jet self cleaning cartridge type filter dust collector is connected with blast, brush & blow off chambers through proper shortest ducts
The online Paint spray booth consists of painting chamber with air inlets on both ends, inlet air filters, reciprocating paining guns on top & bottom sides, paint trap filters, axial flow fan, electric motor, duct and canopy etc.
The baking chamber is to back the paint on both sides of the primed surface of plate. The plate travels on the slat conveyor, which conveys the plate at preselected suitable speed for sufficient time of baking as well as to avoid the damage the painted surface of bottom side of the plate
Unloading roller conveyor is to convey the plate exit from baking chamber slat conveyor.comes out, the roller conveyor stops
Plate transfer arrangement on loading side is an optional to keep duly blasted & painted plate waiting for unloading for further storage or usage
The complete operational process is centralized electric PLC control panel for various parameters & repeatability of cyclic process of conveyors, airless blasting machine, paint spray booth with reciprocating guns, dust collector except for electric control of pre heat chamber and baking chamber.
General description and main features of the technical scheme
As for your strict requirements of the steel pretreatment line equipment, the main features of our company's design are stated as following:
1.At the front part of the shot-blast cabinet there is aphotoelectric height-and-width-finding device (photoelectric switch is brought in from Japan), which provide basis for opening amount and time of blasting wheel gate and up-down height of rolling and sweeping device.
2.The placement of shot-blast chamber and blasting wheel is defined according to computer 3D dynamic shot-blast simulation. By blots the blasting wheel is linked to the connecting base fixed to the chamber ( do not regard the chamber as the installation base), which helps installation and disassembly of blasting wheel,meanwhile,asbestos cushion is placed to reduce shock.
3.Shot blasting machine adopts high efficiency blasting wheel (with curve plates) of America DISA technology, which can form double casting belts. This broadens striking area of shots and avoids to over-concentrative phenomenon of shots when blasting wheel with great casting capacity works, which can increase productivity and achieve the most satisfied results. The equipment can not work when the upper gate of blasting wheel is opened.      
4.Shot blast chamber is a box structure welded with 10mm thick steel sheet. The high strength can avoid vibration. The inner is protected by wear-resisting Mn13 rolling guard boards which adopts spigot connection that can extend service life of the chamber and take full use of shots' rebounding to form second cleaning.    
5.Roller table in chamber is made by process and heat treatment of high Cr and Mo special iron protective shell, which extends service life and reduces repair rate. Bearing of two sides use maze-type guard to stop aggression of dust and broken shots and enhance working life of the bearing.  
6.The upper and lower part of entry and exit of workpeices is sealed up by special wear-resisting (each has 6 layers), which reduced splashing and overflowing of shots effectively.
7.Reverse-proof of elevator is designed with double safety:one is that the upper transmission wheel is made with ratchet wheel catch pawl; the other is transmission motor uses braked motor. At the same time, a warning device is placed near the passive wheel. 
8.Full and flowing curtain design of separator: Separator is controlled by double cylinders and impeding level probe. They can adjust flowing curtains automatically according to the shots' situation so as to achieve effect of full and flowing curtain.
9.Automatic shot-replenishing device: At the top of chamber there are the upper and lower feed level recorders in the store for automatic detection of shot capacity. Shot-replenishing hopper and pneumatic valve at the lower part of elevator accompany with the upper feed level recorders to control shot-replenishing together. The feed level recorder in shot replenishing hopper is to warn shot-feeding.
10.High recycle rate of residual shots:  at the rear part of shot blasting machine there is a recycling bolt, rolling brush (stiff brush) and high-pressure fan to remove the remain shot on the surface of workpieces.
11.Dedusting system uses whirlwind and filter cylinder type dust collector that can reach dedusting efficiency beyond 99.9%, which surely meet requirement ofintegrated emission standard of air pollutants.Two sets of dollies with recycling bag are put there at the lower part of dust collector so as to discharge dust. The height of dust-releasing pipe is more than or equal to 16m.
12.The overall noise of the equipment is less than or equal to 90 dB.
13.The whole line uses simulation screens and PLC which means working state and malfunction are simulated to show, each operating state are displayed in multiple pages and program switch is set up according to the type of workpieces. Main elements such as PLC, inverter and so on introduce OMORON products.  
14.All steel structures in the line are blasting-cleaned and rust-removed before welded and then be painted with primer.

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