Product Description

Disa Steel Strip Shot Blasting Machines are specifically designed to treat steel strips (carbon, alloy or stainless steel) on a continuous passage under the blast streams at a given speed. The Steel Strip Descalers have been developed to treat different strip widths (ranging from 50 to 800 mm for the narrow strips and from 800 to 2100 mm for the large strips), horizontally or vertically positioned. The modular blasting cabinets are conveniently arranged and equipped with a number of wheels in order to achieve the required production rate. Automatic blast stream inclination and automatic abrasive flow adjustment devices are available.
To optimize the stream position according to the strip width, particularly for narrow strips, an automatic blast cabinet orientation system is also available MEDIUM AND Wide destrip descaling machines.

The transverse blasting principle using 4 Blast wheels is adapted to flat and wide material.
To adapt the blasting pattern to the strip width, the control cages of the blasting wheels can be adjusted electromechanically or pneumatically.
The blast wheels are inclined to the strip plane to avoid blast interferences. Quick, exact and automatic adjustment of all 4 blast wheels for a new strip programme permits full exploitation of the blast stream in the entire width range and results in high descaling performance and quality. Strips up to widths of 600 mm can be blast cleaned, feed rate is approx. 30 m / min.
Abrasive throughput: approx. 1200 kg/min. at 90 kW drive power and throwing speed of 78 m/sec.

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