Product Description

Continuous through feed shot blasting machines are designed for high performance in-line cleaning of castings and forged parts. To satisfy production requirements ranging from less than 5 tonnes/hr to over 25 tons/hr, a variety of machine sizes are available with blast capacities selected to match the specific cleaning requirement.
The through-feed blast cleaning process offers a number of decisive advantages and ensures efficient and cost effective blast cleaning and descaling of castings and forgings (mixed and single product runs).
The machines are equipped with a polygon-shaped trough. The blast wheels are positioned in longitudinal axis directly above the flow of castings.
Continuous blast cleaning of tumble-proof parts
Optimum utilization of abrasive energy
Complete and gentle tumbling of parts
No moving components in blasting area
Easy integration into existing lines
Fully automatic operation
Distribution of the castings over a relatively long blast cleaning zone
Blast wheels directly above the parts
Controlled throughput of castings
High capacity up to 35 t/h of parts
up to 150 kg each
Low wear, maintenance friendly design
The polygon shaped trough ensures full exposure of all surfaces to the blast streams and gentle tumb-ling of the workpieces.

There are no moving plant components within the blasting zone and therefore reduces the chance of workpieces jamming.
A unique design makes it easy to integrate the DT blast cleaning machine into existing production lines.
The benefit as an integral part of a production line outnumber its use as a single unit.
Example of a continuous production flow. Castings leave the moulding line and pass through the cooling and separating stations into the blast cleaning machine without any manual operation or floor transportation.
Loading of blast cleaning machine through entrance flap.
The frequency of the rocking motion of the trough and the abrasive supply to the blast wheel are controlled depending on the rate and volume of castings. This ensures optimum results even when the flow rate is irregular.
Fully automatic and flexible blast cleaning of tumble-proof parts
Castings in the polygon-shaped blasting zone of the DT blast cleaning machine
Through feed blast cleaning offers a number of advantages to ensure efficient and cost effective treatment of castings and forgings.
Blast cleaning and decoring of tumble-proof castings (grey, ductile and malleable iron, steel) in batches. Descaling of forgings. Gentle tumbling of parts.This machine can easily be integrated in continuous production lines due to its unique design.
Blast cleaning of mixed production runs
High cleaning capacity due to very short loading and unloading times
Polygon shape of trough ensures complete but gentle tumbling of parts
Full exposure of workpieces to the blast stream

Technical Parameters

Machine type


Max. Weight of workpiece (kg)


Max. Diagonal of workpiece (mm)


Machine capacity (kg/h)


Flow speed (m/min)


Capacity of throwing wheel (kg/min)


First filling of the machine with shotblasting mean (kg)


Number of blast wheels


Type of blast wheels


Diameter of throwing wheel (mm)


Separator type

Magnetic separtator

Installed power of the machine (without filter)


Dust cartridge capacity (m3/h)


Required air underpressure (Pa)


Consumption of compressed air (dm3/h)


Allowed temperature workpieces at entrance 


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