Product Description

Disa provides highly precise satellite table machines which are specifically designed for use in the automotive and aerospace industries. the satellite table machines with one or two swing-in turntables at the front of the blasting cabinet. This machine type not only allows the operator freedom for other activities, but also significantly reduces the space requirement for the machine.
Disa satellite table machine is the indexing mechanism which rotates the workpiece through fixed positions within the blasting machine. Smaller symmetrical parts are best processed in this kind of machine
Disa high efficiency shot peening systems are used for surface compaction of clutch springs and similar parts.Cycled rotary operation with a manipulator for automatic turnover of workpieces after half of the passage.The workpieces rotate

on satellite tables mounted on indexing turntables.
System is equipped with turntable and powered by step gear drive with up to 17 integrated satellites
Continuous throughput operation is simple, safe and ideally suited for fully automatic production
Adjustable dwell times and throughput speeds ensure process safe defined peening in uniform quality
Precise positioning of satellites makes robot loading / unloading possible
Flexible loading / unloading concepts ideally meet user requirements

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