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Disa sand blasting cabinet  is designed to be compact with an integrated self cleaning cartridge filter. This cabinet uses a highefficiency system to cater grit separation as well as recovery.As an option, accessories of this product includes a tumbler unit and a manual fixed rotary table.blast room with inside rubber lining and left side one job in &outlet trolley with manual table and door. and in front of the blast room view glass and hand holes safety hand gloves and roof of the chamber lighting arrangement, in side bottom of the chamber abrasive collecting hopper with high presser auto blast pot assembling unit attach. and back of the blast chamber dust collecting room with dust bags, dust shaking arrangement, and maintenance door, along with 1. Hp suction blower.
 Blasting cabinet is suitable for surface treatment for all products of metal, plastic and glass ect. Removing oxide skin, residues burrs and scratches can be uesd for decoration light, matte and strengthen management. There are cyclone separation system and dust removal 

system. Separator will separate the abrasive from dust, and dust removal system can deal with and collect the emit useless dust, and can vibrating clean up dust automatically.
 Dust remove effect of good, reduce the cost of abrasive and improve efficiency and there is no environmental pollution.
Shot blasting-sandblasting cabins were designed and produced to guarantee a wide variety of processes in the metal finishing field: decorative sandblasting, finishing, metal hardening, shot blasting, deburring, surface treatments and cleaning. Processing on pieces is varied according to the type of abrasive used: corundum, sand, glass microspheres, synthetic or natural granules or metallic abrasives.
For maximum functionality, each machine can be equipped with the following accessories: manual rotating table, loading cart, centrifugal abrasive regenerator, self-cleaning filter cartridge.

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