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Disa sand blasting booth is mainly used in the large iron surface cleaning, rust removing and large stainless steel sand blasting. Iron must have sandblasting surface treatment in order to obtain rough flat surface for improving the coating adhesion before the coating. The stainless steel surface is cleaned and can meet the requirement of inferior smooth by our shot blasting room.

When the  sand blasting room is working, peening grits will be transported to the lifting device by a screw conveyor from the discharge chamber. Then go back into the sand box. And recycle to sandblasting pipe for circulation use.

Sand blasting room dust removal system has composed of the separator, dust collector, fan, water spray type of export, water tank and water pump.


1. Performance of descaling and cleaning work requiring accurate and sophisticated process, such as shell molds,  Die-casting patterns Precision castings, Air conditioner, and Components.

2. Produced in an airtight way, it keeps the working environment pleasant because there is no dust scattering from abrasive materials.

3. During work, the work efficiency gets amplified through the rotation of the table of the internal cabinet.

4. By installing transfer car, heavy material (product) can be treated.

5. Shifting installation is easy as it is attached integrally to the dust collector.

6. It is appropriate to huge structures(room).

7. The cost of installation has been cut down by simplifying the shifting equipment or abrasive materials.

8. The work efficiency has got amplified by transferring the structure by installing transfer car.

9. The abrasive materials piled on the goods can be efficiently collected by installing Vacuum Recovery.

Apart from sand blasting booths we design and manufacture the following associated equipment:

loading carriages;
transfer cars with carrying capacity up to 150t;
lift trucks for sand blasting
 lifting equipment for items suspension;
we perform works on blastting process robotization.

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