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Shot blasting room is mainly used in shot blasting for the surfaces of large workpieces or batch workpieces realize that rusty scale and oxide skin are cleaned, the surface stress of steel is strengthened, and the service life of workpieces is prolonged. The shot blasting room is prerequisite for us to provide shot blasting systems harmless for the environment.
 We provide many choices for clients to meet their different requirements in any section, especially in wind power generation industry. It is required that the shot blasting room is designed in the existing facility area, all the material processing requirements are met, the highest level of reliability is ensured and the highest productivity and cost benefit are developed.     The shot blasting room which is newly designed by Disa for the world biggest grain machinery Buhler AG has been installed and smoothly accepted. A scraper conveyor system without pits is adopted for the shot blasting room and the service life of the shot blasting room is especially prolonged, thereby greatly lowering the maintenance cost and reducing downtime. Special grill plates play a major role in the shot blasting room and can support 30 tons of wheel load. The scraper conveying is designed as a complete floor abrasive recovery system in combination with a plane conveyor, the foundation cost of the ground construction is significantly reduced and the shot blasting room is particularly applicable for the companies which are below the offshore area underground water level, such as Buhler AG.
We completed a shot blasting room with the size of 60m in length, 18m in width and 8m in 

height at Tianjin TST Co., Ltd. in May, 2011. Sand blasting operation and painting operation can be simultaneously performed by two operators through one H-shaped spiral recovery system. Two sets of cartridge filter dust collectors (totally 48) can guarantee the ventilation system and the exhaust system of the sand blasting room. The shot blasting room is a turnkey project and it only takes 60 days to plan, design, produce, install and complete the shot blasting room.
A closed shot blasting room has a basic function of recovering used steel balls, so when you think about buying the shot blasting room, the method of collecting, cleaning and recovering steel balls is the most important function. Spiral conveyor or scraper conveyor is adopted by the underfloor recovery system of the shot blasting room from Disa. A suitable distance is set between each spiral and the bottom of the spiral to prevent excessive abrasives at the bottom of the spiral.
The shot blasting room can provide greater potential, improves safety and reduces operating costs. When you are cleaning and finishing the surfaces of large workpieces, the blasting steel balls and fragments are separated from the external environment.
No matter how complicated the shot blasting room project is and no matter anywhere and anytime, Disa staff can timely and efficiently install the shot blasting rooms and dust collectors. We designate an on-site service department to be specially responsible for installation and after-sale service of the shot blasting room products.

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