Product Description

Steel bars and billets are automatically fed into shot blast cabinet where multiple blast wheel provides through abrasive coverage of the entire surface of the bar. 
The bars proceed through the blast cabinet, on to a conveyor which automatically transfers discalced bars on to conveyors for further processing.
The advantage obtained from rod and bar shot blasting machine are more uniform cleaning, brighter finish and they may be cold drawn, turned, and polished. It saves labor and improves productivity.

The Rod and bar shot blasting machine can be fitted in minimum space require, and modest capital. Most of the rod and bar manufacturer shot blast and draws several sizes and shapes principally rounds, hexagon, flats and squares 10mm to 50mm or more. The material is processed in cut length or coil. This product are processed in 2 wheel or 3 wheel cabinets and rated capacity is upto 25 to 50 feet per minute.
4 wheel bar descaling cabinet equipped with conveyor mechanism to descale 10mm to 100mmbar in multiple of 4 or 8 bars at a time

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