Product Description

The Anchor Chain Abrasive Blasting Equipment/Shot Blasting Equipment is suitable for chain, chain ring and other products for surface cleaning and strengthening blasting to remove the surface of the slag, scale; the surface of the metal reached colors, and eliminate stress and improve the surface coating attached focus on the role; and of using shot blasting process on the surface of said work to increase stress and improve fatigue strength, shot blasting to achieve the purpose of strengthening. In order to ensure strict product design, rational layout, all with three-dimensional solid simulation design.
We designed and produced this shot blasting machine for anchor chains with our unique technology. It is used for cleaning and strengthening rusty anchor chains etc. 

It has some advantages:
1.High and uniform cleaning efficiency: Anchor chains is transported by the roller table. So that the cleaning is uniform.
2.Simple and accurate chain conveyor: It is very easy to operate when the anchor chains are cleaned.
3.Low maintenance cost :  simple body structure can reduce loss, and save maintenance time and costs.
4.Operation is simple and easy: PLC control. The operation panel is touch screen for dynamic display. We can see shot blasting condition very clearly and easily.

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