Product Description

Gas cylinder inner wall shot peening machine is used for the steel cylinder inner wall preservation processing line. This shot peening machine is a special steel cylinder inner wall cleaning line that is specially designed for the steel cylinder inner wall preservation. By shot peening, the dirt, scale and welding slag on the steel pipe inner wall can be removed so that the steel pipe inner surface can be smooth, the inner surface stress can be reduced, the service life of the steel cylinder can be effectively prolonged, the inner corrosion of the steel pipe is reduced and the inherent and exterior quality is improved.
The following benefits could be got:
1.Remove roll scale in the cylinder and attachments produced in the process of stretching to obtain clean metal color;
2.Eliminate residual compressive stress produced in the process of firing, stretching and shaping, promote fatigue strength and stress corrosion cracking resistance of cylinder;
3.Improve the quality of inner cylinder, in favor of improving antisepsis effect, permanent abrasion and corrosion resistance and permanent use life of resistance to vibration and shock;
4.This machine could realize the following automatic cleaning models, that is, automatic feeding cylinder, transportation and arrangement, compaction and orientation, turning 90 degree,spray gun going into the cylinder autorotation of cylinder and spray gun moving up and down to clean cylinder; combining perfect shot cycle system and advanced dust removing system, it is the unique machine type that could clean inside wall of small cylinder.
Cylinder inner wall shot blasting machine developed by DISA is a special (blowing) shot 

blast cleaning machine which is specifically designed to meet requirements of the specific process. Through shot peening, you can remove the dirt, oxide skin, welding slag, waste paint and so on to make workpieces' surface glabrous. Meanwhile, it also can reduce interior stress and enhance the workpieces' surface, so that the purpose of improving the workpieces' surface and the intrinsic quality can be achieved.
Operating principle and structural features
Put workpiece on the loading rack horizontally, feeding cylinder works and holds up the workpiece, then advancing cylinder carries it to the rolling-over rack and then fell back to the original position. Meanwhile, rolling-over cylinder locates the workpiece at a certain angle so as to consistent with the chamber enclose.
Spray gun that is driven by the mobile device moves into the inside of steel bottle along the orbit horizontally. At the same time, the gun works and so the cylinder rotation device, so the bottle begins revolving. After moving and spouting shots inside the cylinder, the gun then gives a high-pressure gas to remove the inward shots and dust. The gun goes out and stops work.
After rolling-over cylinder flips the steel cylinder into a level state, unloading cylinder holds the workpiece up.Then advancing cylinder pushes it to the unloading position and discharges it. The dust of the entire work process is adsorbed by the dedusting system and falls so as to meet requirements of environmental protection.

Technical Parameters




Unit weight of a workpiece





40-500  L=700-1420mm

2-8 working postitions

Cleaning effect


GB8923-88A-B  Sa2.5

Used abrasive specification


0.6mm (chrome molybdenum alloy shots)

Equipment outline dimension (including dust collector)



(L*W*H) foundation pit depth 1400mm. See the equipment foundation drawing for details.




Blast wheels






Ds 500 double-gun continuous

No. of spray guns 2-8

Nozzles are convenient to replace

Nozzle material: alloy

Working air pressure


Sand storage volume


0.3m3 sand capacity 0.5t




Sand blasting valves


Workpiece rotation mechanism


Power: 0.55 KW frequency control, positive and reverse rotation

First addition quantity of abrasives



Ventilation quantity


5000m3/h dust collecting fan

Dust collector (DSC30)


Power: 5.5KW

Noise of complete machine



Spray gun mobile device



Workpiece pressing mechanism


Pneumatic pressing, the pressing height is adjustable

PLC and frequency converter



Touch screen



Total power



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