Product Description

Aluminum alloy wheel hubs shot blasting machine can apply powerful blasting on the surfaces of workpieces. The rusty scale, welding slag and scale cinder on the aluminum alloy wheel disk is remove to obtain a uniform metallic luster and improve the painting quality and anti-corrosion effect. The aluminum alloy wheel disk is conveyed to the closed blasting chamber through the roller conveyor system, then the abrasives are blasted on the surface of the aluminum alloy disk through the high-speed rotated impellers to remove the rust and dirt on the workpiece surface, so that enable the aluminum alloy wheel disk to achieve the purposes of strengthening, derusting and antirusting. Finally the aluminum alloy disk is conveyed out through the rollers. The loading and unloading of the aluminum alloy disk can be carried out manually or mechanically.
The blasting chamber, indoor conveying roller, in-out conveyor roller, blast wheels, abrasive cycling system (including the elevator, separator, vertical and transverse screw conveyor and abrasive conveying pipelines), dust collecting and electric controlling components are the main functional components of the car wheel disk shot blasting machine.
The aluminum alloy wheel disk shot blasting machine can continuously load the wheel disks and continuously clean them. During cleaning, the wheel disks are delivered to the blasting area in the shot blasting machine chamber body through the conveying rollers which are electrically controlled and electromagnetically adjusted. 

Each face of the wheel disk is attacked by the powerful and intensive abrasives, so that the rusty scale and the dirt can be quickly fallen off and the surface of the wheel disk is bright with a certain roughness. The abrasives on the wheel disk and the dust mixtures are conveyed to the abrasive cycling system. During cleaning, The dust and abrasive mixtures are collected at the lower part of the elevator through the chamber body hopper and the vertical and transverse screw conveyor, then are elevated to the separator at the upper of the aluminum alloy wheel disk shot blasting machine. The separated clean abrasives are fallen in the separator hopper and the granular dust is conveyed to the dust collecting system through the suction pipes. The purified air is discharged to the atmosphere and the granular dust is collected.
Disa wheel shot blasting machines have been specifically designed to treat steel and light alloy wheels. Fed into the blast chamber on its horizontal axis, each wheel is rotated by motor-driver rollers. The number and configuration of the blast wheels, determined based on the wheel's geometry, ensure full blast coverage. Once the set blast time is up, the wheel is discharged automatically onto the unloading pallet.
The wheel shot blasting machine is floor mounted and comes with a self-cleaning dry-type cartridge filter.

Technical Parameters

Technical parameters:
Maximum size of workpiece:    ∅660mm
Maximum size of workpiece
Workpiece height : 300mm
Workpiece height
Roller system:
Workpiece conveying speed 0.5-4m/min (frequency control)
Normal working speed :     1~2m/min
Normal working speed
Reducer model: XWD1.1-5-1/87
Blast wheel
Total blasting quantity: 2360 kg/min
Total power: 222 kw
Elevating quatity:   45 t/h
 Reducer model: XWD4-5-1/29
Power: 4 kw
Separating quantity: 45 t/h
Reducer model: XWD3-5-1/35
Power: 3 kw
Transverse screw conveyor
Conveying quantity: 45t/h
Reducer model: XWD3-5-1/29
Reducer power: 3 kw
Vertical screw conveyor
Conveying quantity: 45 t/h
Reducer model:  XWD4-4-1/23
Reducer power: 4 kw
First feeding quantity of abrasives: 4 t
Abrasive diameter: 0.4-0.7 mm
Total air volume: 8000 m/h
Total power: 65.35 kw

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