Product Description

 DISA has a number of shot blasting solutions that specifically target  the coil spring, leaf spring and valve spring blasting industry . In fact, few manufacturers in the world offers the depth and breadth of product line as does DISA. And like all disa equipment, our shot blasting machine can be tailored to meet your exacting specifications.
Leaf springs are fed through the blasting zone on horizontally rotating carrier rollers. The axial shift is implemented via carriers which are attached to an endless transport chain. The transport speed is variable within certain limits. The blast parameters (quantity of abrasive, throwing and blast wheel speed, workpiece movements and dwell time) are adjusted according to the specific part being processed.
Blasting in throughput operation is simple and safe. It allows process-safe shot blasting with part tracking and is ideally suitable for automatic production lines with continuous flow of parts without intermediate buffering.

Adjustable dwell times and throughput speeds ensure process-safe, defined peening in uniform quality.
Automatic systems with high performance and manufacturing consistency reduce production costs.
 The components within the blasting zone (housing, blast wheels) are made of high wear resistant material or protected against the abrasive effect of steel shot to extend operating life and reduce costs.
Simple but efficient sealing elements prevent stray abrasive. Specific design measures and close tolerances enable easy replacement of wear parts.

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