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Although the conventional open type shot blasting machine is convenient and flexible in operating and high in shot blasting efficiency, the abrasives that are blasted are scattered and result in serious air pollution to the working site and the environment. The wet shot blasting machines that are produced by Disa can realize effects of dust-free, soil-free and pollution-free without affecting open type shot blasting machines whose characteristics are simple and flexible and high in shot blasting efficiency, so that the wet shot blasting machine is free from dust and smoke and meets the national environmental requirement.
DISA open type wet shot blasting machine comprises an open shot blasting main machine and a wet shot blasting auxiliary machine. The working principal is that when working, the wet shot blasting machine atomizes the water in the auxiliary machine by means of the high-pressure air, then the abrasives together with the water mist are blasted to the surfaces of the objects to realize the effects of dust free. 

At that moment the main machine can be used separately without the auxiliary machine and the main machine is an environmentally-unfriendly standard open type shot blasting machine. When the main machine is attached with the auxiliary machine, the shot blasting guns spray out water mist and abrasives. A 50 L water tank is arranged in the auxiliary machine and the water after being atomized can continuously spray an area of 80 m2 to 160 m2. If a small quantity of antirust agent is added in the water tank, no rust will be produced during shot blasting.
In order to protect user's investment, The DISA wet shot blasting auxiliary machine can be attached to any type of shot blasting machine or attached to the shot blasting machine that is manufactured by any producer and the user only needs to purchase the auxiliary machine.

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